Mt. Maculot! Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Mt. Maculot: Exciting but FulfillingI’m a beginner! Yes! you heard it right. Beginner when it comes to hiking, trekking and exploring mountains, until someone ask me to come to join in mountaineers to the Mount Maculot.As a joiners, we fetched along the way  by mountaineers from Manila. As a first time, excitement is within while predicting what will really happen later. If you will ask me how much the expenses for the whole day of the duration of this “exciting but fulfilling mountain climbing”?, you may now proceed reading.

Mt. Maculot according to our guide Mr. Jack, (You may visit his account Jack Serraon or Trek Hunter page for more info) was good for a beginner. Some says, it has 6/9 rating which  six (6) stands for height and longevity of walk and 9 in terms of  difficulties in trekking since the Mt. Maculot Day hike was a traverse hiking.First you have to register in the entrance located near the barangay hall of Cuenca Batangas as part of their records and to provide tour guide along the way. As the trip goes on, first station was a typical store of souvenirs and food for breakfast and of course pay comfort room for only Php 5.00 pesos for pees and Php 10.00 for shower where most of mountaineers do after the whole day of trekking.Since the station was considered as parking for all goers, Our tour guides briefly discussed what are dos’ and don’ts while on trekking.1.       “Sama-sama” together (meaning walang iwanan bes!) In fairness to the tour guide we are fully guided coz one was assigned in front while others at the last person at the back of the group.2.       Do not litter – “ what you bring up to the peak/summit, you will bring it back when you go down.- bawal magkalat in short.

Since we are all excited, we started it in a short prayer for guidance and safety.

First Target the Rockies!Along the way, at first it was easy! Enjoy, and fulfilling every time we reach the station, 13 station actually where you can buy a drinks such as mineral water, buko juice and other beverages. So to all want to try this, you don’t have to worry about dehydration. With Thirteen (13) station, you can take photos along the way with different spots and views.

Since, we advice not to do jump shot in the Rockies we do our version of jump shot in camp site stationbefore we proceed to Rockies using our version of Bagani swords (Tungkod – Php 10.00 lang at the entrance)

And finally, after an hour and a half we reached the Rockies, but since we came as late in the morning, almost 6:30 am when we started to climb, we have to wait our turn to do a pictorial at the spot and picturesque views  of the Rockies peak. So alam na bes, come early as possible to avoid to much sun burned while waiting.The scenic view of Rockies peak was amazed me. Yes! As in wow! Worth misery of waiting to took this startling photos. But wait! Be careful while your on pose ‘coz you will going to die if you would cricked the right tread.

Never ending pictorial was stopped to moved in another peak! The Summit! But before we proceed lunchtime at the camp site before anything else. For all who want to try, bring your own food, although food was served at the camp site but it was not advisable coz it too much expensive as in Ginto! (Mahal).So as we go on, trekking way to the summit was so hard. You have to take a lot of energy to passed by the slope, ramp and slant rock stairs and rooted trees. Its made me thirsty and dehydrated. A lot of water to take to survive. They were right! Difficulties rated as nine (9) or ten (10) for me as a beginner.

Until we reached the Summit, it was not amazing in views but fulfilled because it was the peak or the highest spot of Mt. Maculot. So the Jump shot here was allowed reason to took this opportunity to happened.

Since we already at the Peak/Summit, time to go down side of the mountain! The exciting one! The Groto.Exciting?? Not really, it was a heavy trekking and challenging and if you would cricked the thread you will going to die! (exaggerated)Promise!
At last we conquer that trek where my legs and fingers cramped and feeling exhausted. But again it was a fulfillment as a first timer.
After merienda at the store (down side of the grotto) last spot not too catchy or excited, it is not because it was a religious images but we felt tired and drained. Therefore, we took photos and do a short silent prayer in a very short time.

So how much this Day hike in Mt. Maculot? Surprisingly, it was Php 650.00 pesos only. What are the inclusion? See below (According to Sir Jack)Inclusions:
Van RT (Cubao-Cuenca-Cubao) (if you are from Manila, since we are from Sto Tomas Batangas, price may vary according to your destination.)
Guide fee
Registration fee
Environmental Fee
Bag tag 

2:30 am Meet up @ MCDO CUBAO Aurora LRT2 
3:00 ETD Cuenca, Batangas
6:00 ETA Jump Off / Breakfast / Reg / Secure Guides
7:00 Start Trek
8:45 Rockies 
11:30 Summit 
1:00 Descend to Grotto 
4:00 ETA Exit point 
5:30 ETD Manila 
Dinner along the way 
9:00 drop off MCDO CUBAO Aurora LRT2 All in all, it was amazing and I will do it again! But not in Mt. Maculot of course. May be Mt. Ulap? Let see.Your Travel buddy!

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