Traveler’s Moment

Most of the time you got bored when you travel especially if long ride or long hours of travel.

Let me share with you how make myself busy while travelling don’t get me wrong if its not applicable to you or your not type of this thing.

To make your self not bored, try to make these tips:

1. Browsing. (The worst is low battery-make you have ready power supply, secure power bank )

2. Watching movie (mostly, buses had already built-in TV and movie playing)

3. Window looking/watching everything (you can count Meralco post if you want, funny but it make yourself entertaining.)

4. Write a poem(try to make a poem with setting of the environment inside the bus.) Read my sample. (Wag na mang bash sa english! Magulo mag isip sa loob nang bus! Hehe)0


Road with orange or yellow and white lining
Buses, trucks and cars are horning
Then stop when red light blinking
A time some vendor shouting

Vendors comes in selling everything
Mani, itlog, chicharon and shing-aling
Even sometimes they’re irritating
Your small purchases means a lot to them.

Television with a movie playing
Passenger watching ’til eyes closing
Mouth open with saliva flowing
While colleague do picture taking

conductor ticketing while passenger sleeping
But the truth is they are pretending
Until they woke up and realizing
The destination surpassing

Along the road moments thinking
Outside the window a lot to watching
Birds flying, Carabao eating
Dogs mating, while others barking

People harvesting , Childrens running
Trees and plants flowers blooming
Banner of places counting and reading
Then bus stop, oh! A time for eating

Time to pee, my bladder bloating
Comfort room is bad for smelling
Dont take a breath when you are peeing
Five peso ready when exiting

Buttocks was dented in long hour of sitting
Knee joints and back ache sequencing
Until I realized poem writing
Is dreary while travelling
So I decided to fall asleep.

Happy Trip!

5. Listening music(don’t forget your earphone or headset) and lastly;

6. Sleep (tulog kana lang bes kung ayaw mo gawin mga tips ko! Kaloka ka!)

– YdwardosExpressions

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