Coffee on a Hot Summer Day is Life!

In the middle of sunny day while you stay at home, one of your problems are, sweating, uncomfortable and irritating feeling due to heat cause by summer with almost 40 degree celsius. So, tendency is to find something cool and or things or places to relax.

One of my ways is to take a cup of coffee. Look weird? Yes you’re right! look weird but it is the reality. Some says, “its a sunny day! a cup of coffee? duh!” others, “what? coffee on 12:00 noon?”. Maybe I am weird on this part but you know what? based on study and it’s true based on my own experienced, if you take hot drink on a hot day can cool you down. Usually on a scorching summer day, you’re probably more likely to grab an iced coffee than a steaming cup of Joe. But a study has shown that drinking a hot beverage o a hot day actually can cool you down.

Photo: took on his table at early as 4:00am while browsing in social media.

So there you are! go and prepare your own hot beverages! a hot coffee!

– YdwardosExpressions

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