IN YOUR FACE: Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing

Men and women nowadays was mistakenly recognized what the basic and proper care to skin specially on our face. (I am not expert, but know this basic care which probably or maybe you can do it also.)

Yes! basic care! The CTM! what are CTM stands for? CTM simple means Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing that skin needs perfectly.

In this blog, I will feature and give you my personal skin care (again, I am not skin care expert), and this time, I will present to you the “C” in CTM, the CLEANSING.

Glacial Marine Mud in pack of 5 sachets

This Glacial Marine Mud can use as part of cleansing process in your face. As per advice, you can use this sachet 2 to 3 times per week. For me, as a regular user, I use it twice a week, but of course it is depend on the condition of your skin, either pimple free or too freakout acne. If that so, you can consult first to your dermatologist if reaction occur.

This skin renewing estuary treasure helps exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants, and rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin. It nurtures your skin with more than 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements, including zinc and sea botanicals.


1. Minute colloidal particles of Glacial Marine Mud act as an emulsifying agent by forming a barrier around oily particles, thus allowing them to be removed.

2. Deposits more than 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements to nurture the skin.

3. Softens and purifies the skin.

4. By attracting water, the mud helps to hydrate the skin.

5. Helps draw out impurities and toxins.

6. The basic molecular structure of Glacial Marine Mud is negatively charged. Positive ions including cations that naturally occur in the mud and positively charged impurities bind to the mud’s negative charge and can then be rinsed away leaving skin cleansed and detoxified.

7. Safety–dermatologist tested.

To know more info and details and know the product to avail, you can send your message to the following;

Watch this vlog on how the glacial marine mud work and apply.

Express your life! Express your emotions!

Next… Toning process…keep updated!

– YdwardosExpressions

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