Here is another part of my “In your Face” blog or the CTM process.

This time I will show the amazing cleansing gadget which is also part of the “Cleansing” in our CTM or Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.

Complete set of the gadget with the activated cleanser.

This amazing gadget recommend for men and women, as part of daily routine was amazed me by its feature and contents. As a simple battery operated, this was also a user’s-friendly gadget by just pushing the button on to operate. This can be use also on a shower time since the gadget is water resistant.

This amazing cleansing gadget make my day complete.

After the session of the amazing gadget
The gadget together with cleanser, toner and moisturizer

Before going to work, I make sure that my face was cleaned, toned and moisturized for all days of tasks on my Work From Home (WFH) schedule.

The listed feature and skin benefits of the gadget.

Yes! you’re right! by using this amazing gadget in JUST 2 MINUTES, you will get the 7 skincare benefits.

1. Skin renewal

2. Smoothness

3. Radiance

4. Minimise appearance of pores

5. Refreshed look

6. Increased appearance of Volume and Density

7. Purified skin

Amazing right? aside from medical grade silicon head, it stimulates collagen growth by Realigning Collagen Fibres. Those are again, IN JUST 2 MINUTES, by doing twice daily.

So what are you waiting for? experience this amazing gadget and will include it in your facial skin care daily.

To know more info, you may send your message to the following link for more questions and queries.

or you can email

Watch this video for complete demonstration of the amazing cleansing gadget.

Our next part is the Facelift package… so keep updated!

This is YdwardosExpressions! Express your life! Express your emotion!

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