Last 2019, YouTube set the threshold in terms of monetizing YouTube blogger or their channels by way of number of subscriber and watch hours. The channel will be monetized if you reach the threshold of at least 1000 subscriber with 4000 public watch hours.

If you don’t have enough subscriber for this year threshold like me, this is a battle to reach the new threshold in the new policy.

As part of the new threshold, maybe its because of the worldwide increase of YouTube blogger, It will increase 10 times from the usual or the existing policy today. Meaning, from threshold of 1000 subscribers, it will increase or change to 10,000 subscribers. Wait!, there’s more! From the previous 4000 public watch hours, it will change to 5000 public watch hours.

Another battle to all small YouTubers/Blogger/content creator or whatever they may call on. Another burden to create catchy, unique and different from the others to make it to the top.

Bad news because you, we are doing our best to be on the threshold, but now, we, maybe disappointing, sad, or maybe not interested to create another video blog.

The good news is, this policy will be applied for the coming 2021 starting January. So, we have time to create the best content that we have and spread to all to hit our target, to get the 1000 subscriber as per policy this current Year. Make ourselves busy to do this with passion, love and responsibility.

For your help, you can subscribe my YouTube Channel,

Also, Please share and spread the good vibes.

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