Senate Bill 1083 or the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 previously approved by the Senate which adoption from Human Security Act of 2007. Now, 6875 the new Bill as The Anti-Terrorism.

President Rodrigo Duterte certified on Monday the bill that proposes amendments to the country’s existing anti-terrorism law. House Bill No. 6875 calls for urgent substituting the bill entitled;

“An act, defining, preventing, and penalizing terrorist acts, repealing for the purpose Republic Act No. 9372 otherwise known as the, ‘Human Security Act of 2007’ and appropriating funds therefor.”

This is to address according to the letter, are to strengthen the law on anti-terrorism in order to adequately and effectively contain the menace of terrorist acts, for the preservation of national security and the promotion of general welfare.

In this pandemic time, which most of the people were focusing in prevention and seeking foods, Anti-Terrorism Bill enacted urgently. Is it really the priority of this government? Why? to lessen the people by doing their activist act which now can be treated as terrorism in the new bill? Is it losing freedom of speech and rights to protest?

Lets take a look some parts of the Bill;

If this bill is passed to be an act, the state and its forces will have the absolute power in defining whats constitutes the definition of terrorism, who are to be considered terrorists, and what to do with this individuals. Any suspicion by the states institutions life PNP and AFP enough basis for being considered as terrorist. This is absolute monopoly of power. Is it way to Martial Law?

It allows police, law enforcement, and military personnel duly authorized by Anti-Terrorism Council (ACT) to carryout warrant-less arrest without incurring liability under Article 125 of the Revised Penal Code.

Surveillance of suspects and interceptions and recording of communications will be allowed for 60 days, even in the basis of mere suspicion. The person wiretapped need not to be informed. WHERE IS DATA PRIVACY ACT?

These are one of the few of this Bill that makes the people in social media alarmed.

Here are some views of the netizens; (name on account not disclosed)

“This law will not in any way protect civilians from acts of terrorism, instead, it will only intensify the already deplorable human rights situation under the Duterte government” —

“of course the anti terrorism bill is supposed to make you believe that its main purpose is to protect the filipinos but that doesn’t mean there’s no underlying threat behind it especially when its legislated under a regime of borderline fascists”.

“hello to my filipino and non filipino oomfs and non oomfs the antiterrorism bill is in it’s final stages before it gets passed THAT BILL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND STEPS ON A LOT OF OUR RIGHTS ”

Most of the them included hashtags #JunkTerrorBill #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW #anti-terrorism and many more just to trend their insights.

This bill make our right limited, our voice maybe can’t be heard soon, or let say our life is on monitoring? who knows? GOOD LUCK PHILIPPINES.

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