PH Taxes for YouTube Earners

After the online seller, now government lawmaker are looking for the YouTube earners to pay their income taxes from YouTube channel they manage. As a good citizen, Yes you have to pay your taxes from any income you earned here and outside the Philippine archipelago. You have t abide to any law implemented to be able to avoid any penalties.

We are agree that the YouTuber has a lot of potential to have a good income. This is the privilege of anyone who perfectly created their content to make a great impact in Youtube world but not all are gifted with this type of uniqueness.

Video streaming like in gaming community has a lot of income paid by the platform or type of Social media. Even broadcast streaming of a lot of Youtuber, who gain followers and views, has reason to have a good income and make it a way of living.

Being a YouTuber is not easy, but when you get there, qualified for monetization, it is just a reward of being dedicated to your passion. Payment from Google is just a sort of giving back of how you provide content for everyone who needed it.

Now the question is?, why they are pursuing this type of collection? are they treat this type of leisure a job? or they just finding another source of income of the greedy officials in the position?

We don’t have any question to abide the law, we have the questions for the official in the position. Are we going to trust them? Did they have a concrete policy to the protection of the Youtubers and even small time sellers if there something to happen?

The truth is, they looking for the alternative source of income instead of making a precise regulations to protect us from cyber attack, hacking, etc. Yes! we have Cyber Law, but we implemented it properly? last time I check, Rappler did not benefited it. So how about we? how about the small YouTuber? Is it make sense?

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