Best Father Ever!

Mostly sons and daughters are mama’s boy or mama’s girl and that is normal ‘coz they are mostly, frequently attached to his or her mother since birth plus nine (9) months in a tummy.

Here is one, admit it!, Daddy’s girl/boy is uncommon to hear but once there is, a great stories were behind it.

Daddy, Dada, Papa, Dad, Tatay, Tay, Ama, Paps, and more are few endearment to them to express our love most specially those Daddy’s girl/boy out there.

Our Father sometimes, hard-headed, controlling, strict, one word punisher, etc. that sometimes we decided to hate them and get angry to them not realizing that their actions are for us to make a better person. Because of these, we did not recognized the qualities that they have.

1. He is more excited than your mom when you are in your mom’s tummy

He is always excited to come home from work to touch your mom’s tummy and talk to you, say words, and tell you how much he loves you. He even say to you what you are when you gave birth and what he is plan for you when you grow up.

2. He is pretending to be strict as possible as a role model

He is fierce like from your perspective but he was doing it to got your attention and to feel that you as his son or daughter, will follow to his command all the time coz you know what?, being a father with “one word command” to his children is an achievement. It is his pride to tell to the world that he is great! He just want to gain your respect.

3. He is a good adviser

When you are in a puberty stage, he is always willing to listen with your crushes! He give you some advice to how to court her (for a boy) and protect you from possible bad suitor (for a girl). His advice are few words but you will realize that its for good and for your own sake.

4. He is a good player or coach

When he give time to spend with you, not always, but he is trying, he always on the defeated side to encourage you to be strong and boost your confidence.

5. He is always on your side when your mom get angry.

As much as possible, he is trying to stop your mom and pretending to punish you from what you have done but later on he will talk to you with good-temper and explain the consequences and punish you in a very least.

These are few from more qualities that a fathers have. For us, whatever or whoever he is, He is the best in providing everything for us to make a better living, not at all, but mostly! They are the best father ever in some many ways!

To all fathers out there, this is your day! God bless and Have a good time!


– YdwardosExpressions

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