MerryMart: Too Late to Invest Now?

I may not a perfect trader or an investor but at least I learned from the others who have knowledge on this.

Last May 2020, Merrymart Consumer Corp., launched their Initial Public Offering (IPO) with price of Php 1.00 per share. But due to the limited offer, some of the buyer subscriptions did not grant the initial purchased, instead some were raffle their subscription while other will purchase to stock market once it listed, That was Last June 15, 2020., but the worst was, the price abruptly increased between Php 2.00 to Php 2.55 per share the time it was listed.

MerryMart Consumer Corp., is one of the market in the Philippines a knowhow from the well-known group of company of Mr Edgar “Injap” Sia II such as; Mang Inasal, City Mall, Hotel101 and CentralHub Network. Injap Investments Inc. is the parent company of MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc.

This is the reason why the Initial Public Offering (IPO) from Php 1.00 per share now gain to Php 3.70 per share in just 2 weeks.

latest price of the MerryMart Consumer Corp in the stock market.

The first opening of its first supermarket at the Ground Floor of DoubleDragon Plaza, DD Meridian Park, Bay Area, Metro Manila was established where MERRYMART’s 12-12-12 Vision 2030 was also set. MERRYMART has set its 12-12-12 Vision 2030 with the goal of rolling out a total of 1,200 MERRYMART branches nationwide.

With these figures and the people behind with the institution are trying to be the pioneer investors. Most of them are eager to invest because of its long term plan in the market.

Now the question is, is it worth to buy at this time?, where the price of MerryMart Consumer Corp., in the market played between Php 3.49 to Php 3.63 as of this writing.

Maybe Yes! for the investor with a lot of capital, but for the beginner what do you think?

Some says, you will study first the average on this, his market has a resistance of about Php 4.50 with support of Php 3.37, so if your average is below to 3.37?, you can buy.

For me, this market is a good to invest especially to those who are looking forward to the company’s vision until 2030.

Don’t t waste your time! Invest now!

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