Black Sheep’s Hello Stranger Episode 1, a Good Start?

“Top ka Mico! Top ka!”

The line that makes you think what is Top? this is how we’re going to find the real character of Mico and Xavier in the initial launched of “Boy Love” (BL) series in the Philippines. From the popular boy love series from Thailand, now the Philippines is trying to stream the same series that maybe will catch the viewer’s attention particular in the LGBTQ+ community.

Black Sheep move in this type of series is very promising ‘coz the popularity of it is a worldwide phenomenon. Boy love thing is not the gender identification but a self appreciation to good deeds, this is for my point of view. Equality in the LGBTQ+ in the Philippines are far from other country because we are in the country where the religion is a big factor. This is the hindrance in the community due to the beliefs of the only two gender must be existed, the girl and the boy or a man and a woman. But that is another side of the story, lets go back to a “Hello Stranger”.

Hello Stranger a BL series by Black Sheep, the pilot episode that makes almost millions views in Youtube Channel and a top trending topic in twitter world and other social media platform. Is it a good feedback from the viewers? Is it the open-hand from the community to follow the next stories of Mico and Xavier? Or is it because of the name of Toni Labrusca, the boy hottie from the movie Glorious (who can’t remember this?) with Angel Aquino? , or is it because of Jc Alcantara of a boy next door from the Teleserye “Halik” with Maggi (Jane De Leon)? Well, Let see on their next episode.

Let talk about the first episode, for me it is very Pinoy, like the character of Mico when he try to be presentable in the meeting by wearing a long-sleeves with tie even if he is in the house, Filipino culture that when you are in a meeting, you should be formal. The funny here is, he wearing short, the work from home be like.

The Tinola! Yes, a very Pinoy thing even Xavier is like a foreigner here, Tinola in this kind of series copy from Thailand is a distinguishment as a Filipino. This time, its cute for them, chemistry is there while talking about cooking something.

Episode 1 of a Hello Stranger

The promises, this is a great scene when two gave promises to help each other, not a typical type for a two boy, but you will see the character of Mico the excitement from his eyes what the next thing to happen. In this particular, Mico (Jc Alcantara) two thumbs up for the great expression, good Job.

First episode is not that too loud to shout but it is a good start to catch the attention of the viewers, in addition, next episode thing when Mico browse the profile of Xavier, when suddenly he like the post is too excited to watch.

Is Xavier interested to Mico, Or Mico will fall in love with Xavier? Lets find out.

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