Work From Home is an Advantage?

Work-from-Home (WFH)! Yes! the new term from the pandemic use for the new normal. This is the challenges from the employees who are not able to come to the office as well as to the employers that need to follow from the protocol implemented by the regulators in terms of processes to avoid spreading viruses and health related management.

Work-from-home usually thinks people will get nothing done, while the other believes worker will be happier and more productive. Probably they’re right! but maybe it also depends on the situation of a worker. Who are most benefited from this type of working environment? Is it the employer or the employees?

In the Philippines, where the internet status is very poor (I remember the word from Ms. Universe) where the essential needs of the work-from-home process is the internet connection. As monopolized by the two giant providers, people doesn’t have no choice but to grab the offer of the internet speed either broadband postpaid or prepaid internet promos to catch up with the work from home policies of the company such as, online meeting via zoom, file sending and receiving, constant communications, etc.

Mostly, in this time of pandemic where the company policies in doing business is fifty percent (50%) capacity of workforce, employees suffer from this to be the one who are in no work no pay status, while others set for days alloted such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday (the MWF schedule) and/or weekly or monthly rotation. In this policies, work from home have been chosen to lessen the expenses. Is it really the reducing expenses for both employees and employers or not?

Here are some points of work-from-home for both Employees and Employer;

a. Working hours are more flexible but of course with output reason to be more productive in a daily basis. Employer sure on this to hit the target while the employee make his/her strategies to things to be done to submit early as possible.

b. More time with the family by doing things done as early as possible. They are working while the family is there to supervise and to be at there side at all time. On the part of the employee, this is sometimes cause of the unfinished work due to more activities with them or by taking care of them especially with those employees who have kids at home.

c. Expenses more or increases on the part of the employees. In a normal office set up, employer provided all the necessary things such as current, internet connections, aircon or ventilation, and other needed supplies. While in work from home set up, employees doesn’t have no choice but to use their current, provide internet, set the aircon or ventilation, have their own supplies and have more foods on the table, let say no free coffee, In short, they pay for their own computer, electricity and other utilities, where the employers lessen those things.

One of the current set up on working from home.

d. Worst of no work no pay. On the side of the employees, no work no pay on a daily basis that they are not working, there also the deduction counterpart on their salaries. This is ok for those biggest companies that manage the welfare of the their employees with both understanding on the company survival is the reason of the current set up.

Whatever reasons, the most important on this set is to have a job for a long term. Employee-Employer relationship must be both sides have understanding on the needs of each other. The goals are to be more productive, more outputs and stand still in the time of the new normal after the pandemic.

Another listed benefits of work-from-home for both Employees and Employer;


  1. Flexible work environment
  2. comfortable work environment
  3. Stress free/save stressful hour
  4. Healthier work life balance
  5. Spent more time with family
  6. Safe for accident and other cases
  7. Flexible hours
  8. No commuting worries


  1. Less expenses, save money
  2. Productive output
  3. limit absences
  4. better communication responses
  5. Manageable work environment

In this pandemic, more options found and created in a workforce of every companies willing to take a risk for survival. So, the future of work-from-home policy maybe can one of the options in the field of work in the future. It maybe stressful work life to some while enjoyable to others. To the employers, it may abuse due to absence of oversight but they have to consider it by setting up the guidelines to have a productive output.

What is your insight on this? Are you one of the employees working from home? comment your experience or your views on this. On my part, I am still adjusting on it.

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