Anti-Terrorism Bill now signed into Law

The Human Security Act of 2007 now amended as RePublic Act No. 11479 also known as The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. What’s is in to this Law that most of the protesters worries? Are we now limited to the act and posting of our ideas in social media? Or It is one way of this government to lessen the opposing side of the press, in pointing the anomalies or a hindrance to those who are expressing their sentiments?

After 15 days, once it was published to official gazette and at least two (2) newspapers of general circulation the said law will become effective.

This law defines terrorism act without any parole to granted once you found guilty such as;

  • intimidate the general public
  • Extensive damage and destruction to all facilities of the government
  • serious destabilize the fundamental political, economic and social structure of the Philippine government.
  • act cause death or serious bodily injury to a person.

Want more? Yes! some are also criminalize to this law in terms of terrorism activities ;

  • threat
  • planning
  • training
  • facilitating of
  • proposal/inciting

Those were considered by means of;

  • Speeches
  • Proclamations
  • Writings
  • Banners and emblems

But the worst in this law is the subject the suspects to surveillance, warrantless arrest and detention for up to 24 days including the removal of compensation upon acquittal. This is why the human rights advocate protest to this law. The worries are the abusing power once it will implement. This is the government now, the power within their wants and in their hands.

God Bless people of the Philippines! God Bless the Human Rights! God Bless Freedom!

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