Satisfaction Survey Can Tell?

“Pre SONA survey. 4 na taon bilang pangulo. war on drugs. covid 19. ekonomiya. pagbabago. taumbayan ang maghuusga.”

This is the line from the latest survey of Hugpong ng Pagbabago, a page of political party of Mayor Sarah Duterte a daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Is the survey can tell how the people satisfied in a four (4) year term in a row of the president?

In a post in the page, photos with PHL News, ask “How much are you satisfied with the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte in the past Four (4) years?”, this question includes some emoticons with label of extremely satisfied, satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied nor satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, dissatisfied, and extremely dissatisfied respectively.

Despite the hearsay of almost 80 percent positive rating of the president, surprisingly 41 percent in the survey are extremely dissatisfied which the survey was done in the supporter’s page Hugpong ng Pagbabago where the supporters and followers mostly reacted on the page.

Based on Twenty Three Thousand (23,000) reactions only 53 percents of combined extremely satisfied and satisfied were reacted. Although it is over 50 percent of the total reaction but it can’t be denied that the extremely dissatisfied is far much higher than those who are satisfied, and again on the page of the supporters.

Is it the basis for people satisfaction when it regards to performance of this government? or its just another social media manipulated?

How about you? are you Extremely Satisfied or Extremely Dissatisfied?

Share your thought! leave your comments on how this government perform on your life!

– YdwardosExpressions – Express your life! Express your emotion!

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