It was during the time of PNoy when DPWH got the highest admiration of the country as corruption was minimized if not eliminated in the most corrupt agency for the past administrations. DPWH was able to enact several construction projects, many of which are being completed these days. This was the first time DPWH exceeded other department in terms of ridding corruption and achieving accomplishments. Yes, even the latest ribbon cutting done by villar is still part of the PPP projects of his admin.

He also bravely fought against the giant china for our sovereign rights over the Spratly’s islands. Unfortunately, the UNCLOS resolution was only released on July 2016, but was just set aside

Reproductive Health Law was also enacted during his term. I cant forget how many anti-RH, including powerful senators and congressmen we have fought against in support of the bill then.

DOH budget increased significantly, it lead to “discipline” of some that needed discipline in the agency. Govt doctors were made to stay in the hospital during office hours. He also started the movement for universal health care towards the end of his term.

The salary increase the police, soldiers and other govt employees had upon the start of digong’s admin was because of the salary upgrade law signed by PNoy, and not digong. Digong and his cohorts just claimed it as if it was him who enacted it.

The corruption index has remarkably improved and thus our credit rating also went up. Our economy soared… kaya ang mura ng interest pag nagbank loan ka. Kaya ang dami naka-afford ng brand new cars.

Iilan lang ang mga ito…

Of course, he is far from perfect. But his blunders cannot diminish the great accomplishment his administration has achieved. One of the best presidents we ever had.


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