Former senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay quits Aksyon Demokratiko to support VP Leni Robredo: I respect the decision of my party to choose Mayor Isko Moreno as candidate for president, but also believe VP Leni is a much better candidate in this most crucial of elections.

Hilbay: I am leaving Aksyon not to join another party, but out of ethical considerations.

Because I intend, as an ordinary citizen, to publicly support her (Robredo’s) campaign, I must resign from the only political party I have ever joined.

We need a president who will confront problems not with publicity stunts to manipulate Filipinos but with honest-to-goodness attempts at solutions. Leni Robredo is that leader.

We do not need more of the same, or even less of the same. We can’t afford another narcissistic, gaslighting troll for a president. A candidate who wakes up only during campaigns is no leader, and we can’t have another absentee president.

We need a president who will show up, level with the people, and treat them not as objects to be subjugated but as fellow citizens and stakeholders in nation-building. We need a leader who will empower Filipinos, not kill them.

I choose Leni Robredo because she has been more presidential than the current one—working with limited budget, helping citizens along with fellow citizens, informing the public on important issues.

She is a president who understands why the Marcoses are a current threat; she will hold Duterte and his cronies accountable for their crimes; she will stand up to China and not see the West Philippine Sea as merely for sale.

LabanLeni2022 #LeniKiko2022

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